Yearly Archives: 2015

In Search of Personal Trainers

Summary: Mad Dawg School of Fitness is looking for a knowledgeable, possibly to the point of geekiness, Personal Trainer. MDSoF has provided high level strength and conditioning coaching to all levels of athletes since 2006. In one day, you could be teaching a 70 year old athlete to squat, working […]

Q2 Programming – Cycle 2

Here is the Q2 overview for programming and the cycle 2 details. The second cycle is Kettlebell-centric. Here is a demonstration of the standards we will be teaching towards created by Strong First (this is better and more thorough than anything I could have created). We will be performing the […]

Changes to Programming for Q2

Here are is the Q2 Programming Overview and the details of the Q2 – Cycle 1. We are changing the rep scheme for the second quarter. Almost every day, you will be working up to 5 sets of 5 reps.* Yep, it is the old classic 5 x 5. Most […]

Programming 2015 – Cycle 1

Here is the overview of our program for the next 12 weeks. Here is the detailed program for the first four weeks and here is the detailed program for the second four weeks. We’ve made a few changes to the programming. We now have three 4 week cycles, instead of […]

The Watch and the Compass 1

A few weeks ago, Susan and I went to the California Revels in Oakland. Susan has been going for almost 30 years! The Revels are, at the core, a musical play that has participatory elements celebrating winter solstice. While there are some elements that continue from year to year, each […]

What is the MDSoF Reset?

From nearly the beginning, we’ve known that our athletes can’t really succeed in a high intensity exercise program without an appropriate nutrition strategy and skills. Over the years, we expanded nutrition to include both physical and mental recovery (including improving sleep and/or the appropriate amount of rest days). While we […]