Programming 2015 – Cycle 1

Here is the overview of our program for the next 12 weeks. Here is the detailed program for the first four weeks and here is the detailed program for the second four weeks.

We’ve made a few changes to the programming. We now have three 4 week cycles, instead of having four 3 week cycles. We made that change so that everyone would get enough exposure to the lifts and exercises so that athletes can start getting the feeling they are mastering them. You might also see some of the movements we have been playing with in individual workouts or as a corrective are starting to get formalized in the program. The most visible change is the presentation of the individual workouts has changed, they now only show the type of workout and the movements. For instance, they will look like this:

=== Tuesday ===
Strength: Incline/Press
Conditioning: ABDomination – Windmills/arm, TGU to elbow/arm, Pivot Crawling
Mobility: Wrist

=== Wednesday ===
Strength: Snatch Grip Deadlift or (Hang) Power Snatch
Conditioning: Breath Challenge with Russian Kettlebell Swing
Mobility: T-Spine

=== Thursday ===
Strength: Front Squat
Conditioning: 10 Min GID – KB Clean Combo, Rack Carry, Box Jump
Mobility: Wrist

I have changed the presentation of the workouts for a few reasons: As you may have noticed, we are much more focused on movements themselves and making sure athletes use the appropriate progressions of that movement in the workout. The workouts that we publish will be reflective of what we focus on in both the gym and as a business, i.e. movement education. It is my hope that the way we write these workouts will provide a template or a foundation that will allow us to be more creative with the workouts. The workouts that we’ve done in the past that are really fun are less about the sets and reps and more about the way the movements work together. Finally, and probably most importantly, the way I was writing the workouts doesn’t allow us to train coaches easily (too much of the knowledge was/is tribal) and doesn’t allow for the coaching specifics of how to make a class-based workout specific to an athlete.

In the future, we will publish the 12 week overview and the 4 week details as shown above and, of course, the weekly images of the whiteboards. The main thing that will probably take most of the year to finish is to have a binder at the gym that will show all the progressions, regressions and alternatives for the movements in the workouts. This binder will be available for both coaches and athletes to see and use. I don’t want to publish that document on our website because it will be too much work to give away.

I am committing to have this binder ready by the start of the second 12 week cycle. It is my hope that these changes will work with both our athletes and our coaches as well as accurately show what we do so that we can actually start marketing ourselves. If you have any questions or comments regarding the programming changes, please direct them to Saul.