Q2 Programming – Cycle 2

Here is the Q2 overview for programming and the cycle 2 details. The second cycle is Kettlebell-centric. Here is a demonstration of the standards we will be teaching towards created by Strong First (this is better and more thorough than anything I could have created). We will be performing the KB Swing, Turkish Get-Up, KB Clean, Press, and Double KB Front Squat this month so please give this video a look. The standards we are coaching too shouldn’t be very different than what you are seeing in the video; however, if there is any difference, please ask one of the coaches to explain the differences. The only thing that sticks out in my mind is that we would like to see less knee movement than what is shown in the video on the KB swings.

We have quite a few different exercises and running distances this cycle. Check out below for a description.

  • Flying 10/20/30 – The flying 15/20/30 meter runs will be either around the building, to the end of the building and back or to the driveway and back. These will be a cruising speed until the athletes get to a 15/20/30 meter interval which will be sprinted, they will slow back down to a cruising speed after the interval.
  • Death by 10 M – This is really just more than one 10 M intervals, but adding “death” to anything makes it sound more rad.
  • 5 M ladder – Run to a cone 5 M away then back, then increase 5 M up to 25 M.
  • Jump Rope Combo – Usually be 5 regular single unders, 5 right foot single unders, then 5 left foot single unders, finally, 5 cross-over single unders.
  • Crawling – We will be doing leopard crawling, spiderman crawling, pivot crawling and side crawling.
  • Pull-Up Progression – Ask a coach to help you figure out where you are in the progression.
  • KB/DB Front Squat – See the video above
  • Russian Kettlebell Swing (RKBS) – See the video above
  • KB Combo – There are three levels of these:
    • With two KBs – 3 x Kettlebell cleans, 2 x KB Frint squat, 1 x Press
    • With a single KB – 3 x RKBS, 2 x Goblet Squat, 1 x Two-handed KB Press
    • With a single KB – 3 x Goatbag swings, 2 x Goblet Squats, 1 x Plank Walk-out

We have changed up the running this month to train more specifically like the types of running you would do in sport. I hope those of you who play basketball or soccer will notice a differences on the field.