Programming Q4 – C2

I have uploaded the programming for the second 4 week cycle of the final quarter. Here is the video. We will be teaching to these standards mostly, the only difference is that we are going to strive to keep the knees a little more above the ankle than the guy in the video on the basic swing.

Windmill (starts at 3:50)

KB Combo: There are three versions for this exercise starting from the most advanced:
Level 4 – You should have a 14 or more on the FMS, no symmetries and men should be able to swing the 24 KG (men) or 16 KG (women) with confidence:

  • 3 x Double KB Cleans
  • 2 x Double KB Front Squats
  • 1 x Double KB Press

Level 3 – Active Straight Leg Raise and Rotary Stability >=2, Goat Bag Swings 16 KG (men) or 12 KG (women) with a 9 or 10 on the skanky to awesome scale:

  • 3 x RKBS
  • 2 x Goblet Squats
  • 1 x Two-Handed KB Press

Version 2 – Open to everyone:

  • 3 x Goat Bag Swings
  • 2 x Goblet Squats
  • 1 x Plank Walkout

Jump Rope Combo:

  • 5 x Single Unders (SU)
  • 5 x RT leg only SU
  • 5 x LT leg only SU
  • 5 x Crossovers (or Run In Place SU if you are tired of whipping yourself)

KB Combo and Jump Rope Combo: We are programming these together most of the time this cycle. We are trying to make the exercises we do in this cycle similar to “real” sport. Note that we don’t have a 200 M or a 400 M run, we have runs that change speed an/or direction. This was inspired by our visit to the Stanford Football Strength and Conditioning Workshop earlier this year and an article written many years ago by Doug Robinson called “Running Talus.” What we are getting at is that when you are outside, especially out in the wilderness, you often have to change your speed, direction and balance in seconds or even milliseconds. To do these exercises successfully, you will see that you have to back off a little on the intensity and add a little bit of mindfulness. When you approach these exercises with a more “sport-specific” mindset , we hope you will experience more “flow” and less “exercise.”

New Exercises:
Run in Place (RIP) Jump Rope:
The idea here is to pattern a centered upright position with the heels under the hips (Pose position).

KB Halo: This is a good shoulder opener. The most important part of this is exercise is to have the arms by the ears and the ribs down, i.e. not flared.

Supine Windshield Wipers (Weightlifting workout): I don’t really like the way he demos this but it’s his system. The best way to do this is to have your belly button down and hips up and to make the biggest rainbow possible with the legs. It is very easy to turn this into a low back mobilizer but by posteriorly rotating the hips (i.e. belly button down, hips up) it moves the mobility up to the T-spine especially if the shoulder blades are flat on the ground and the athlete is breathing through the whole movement.

Ask a coach if you have any questions about the workouts or exercises.