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Squatting – Part III

As I promised in my post last week, there were a number of statements in the articles I posted links to that raised some questions for me. I will list them and also provide some links that may have some answers. Motor programming/motor planning: KStarr seems to think that the […]


I think it is pretty interesting that there is so much talk about squatting, toes-in-toes-out, bar placement, etc. I figure these people have opinions because it is such an important movement, that is why I have been stressing squatting at least twice a week. If you like to geek out […]

Geek Speak: Shoulder Packing 1

Last week, I was talking to Anosh about a shoulder issue he was having. I was going to send him some videos about some basic shoulder anatomy and general issues, but then I thought it would probably be more useful to share here. If you have shoulder issues, most of […]