Q2 Programming – Cycle 2

Here is the Q2 overview for programming and the cycle 2 details. The second cycle is Kettlebell-centric. Here is a demonstration of the standards we will be teaching towards created by Strong First (this is better and more thorough than anything I could have created). We will be performing the […]

Changes to Programming for Q2

Here are is the Q2 Programming Overview and the details of the Q2 – Cycle 1. We are changing the rep scheme for the second quarter. Almost every day, you will be working up to 5 sets of 5 reps.* Yep, it is the old classic 5 x 5. Most […]

Programming 2015 – Cycle 1

Here is the overview of our program for the next 12 weeks. Here is the detailed program for the first four weeks and here is the detailed program for the second four weeks. We’ve made a few changes to the programming. We now have three 4 week cycles, instead of […]

Programming Q3 – Cycle 2

I have posted the detailed programming for the second cycle. Here are a few notes: This cycle is Kettlebell centric so you will probably have the opportunity to huck some iron. Next Tuesday, the way the workout is written is slightly confusing because there isn’t much room on the spreadsheet. […]

Q3 programming

I have added the Q3 overview and the Q3 – C1 detailed programming. Here are some notes: Glute Ham raise looks like this, except that we will use bands to assist and we won’t have the hip flexion at the end. We’ve added some more longer workouts in particular more […]

Programming Q2 – Cycle 3

I have added the programming for Quarter 2 Cycle 3, which is a speed and cardio cycle. If you want to see the overview again, check here. Here are some notes: We have several progressions listed, Handstand Push-Up (HSPU), Plyometric Push-up (Plyo), Muscle-Up. These progressions are posted at the gym […]