In Search of Personal Trainers

Summary: Mad Dawg School of Fitness is looking for a knowledgeable, possibly to the point of geekiness, Personal Trainer. MDSoF has provided high level strength and conditioning coaching to all levels of athletes since 2006. In one day, you could be teaching a 70 year old athlete to squat, working […]

Changes to Programming for Q2

Here are is the Q2 Programming Overview and the details of the Q2 – Cycle 1. We are changing the rep scheme for the second quarter. Almost every day, you will be working up to 5 sets of 5 reps.* Yep, it is the old classic 5 x 5. Most […]

Massage School Update

Thanks to all of you following my massage school progress on this website and through FB. It really helps to feel supported starting something new, as I am sure you know. Massage school has been a very enlightening experience in many ways. First of all, it’s right on 16th and […]

Spotify at Mad Dawg 1

We now have Spotify at Mad Dawg. If you want to play one of your playlists, you can use your phone/iPod/whatever or you can send me your username and I will follow your playlist. A huge thank you to Suma and Jessica for kicking me in the pants to get […]