Monthly Archives: August 2011

Weight Lost 5

I know of trainers who “don’t do” weight loss. There have been times that I have thought, MDSoF isn’t going to do “weight loss” any more. OK, sure, we often re-phrase it to “fat loss” but the reality is for many people, losing weight whether fat or muscle is the […]

Class Changes/Additions 6

Sunday, August 21, 9 AM: We are going hiking at Windy Hill Preserve. The planned hike is about 6 miles and will take about 2 hours or more. There are shorter hikes available, depending on who comes. I will probably do some running and meet up with the group. Dogs […]

The Question 8

We are getting some business coaching (so get ready for some great changes in the last part of this year) and the first question our coach asked me is “Why are you doing MDSoF?” There are many reasons why I decided to start MDSoF and many reasons why I continue […]

Lucy and Bootcamp

We’re holding a special Fundamentals Bootcamp class at the Lucy Store in Stanford Shopping Center on Saturday, August 6 from 9 – 10 am. Everyone is welcome!  This is your chance to bring a friend (male or female) to an introductory class that will give them a taste of the […]