What To Expect: The Hip Hinge 2

Many people want to know what we do in BootCamp so we are going to start a little series on what to expect in MDSoF BootCamp.

I would have to say the hardest, probably most beneficial, movement we teach in the MDSoF BootCamp is the hip hinge. We teach it in a number of ways but we are still teaching this very fundamental movement.

I found this article and it very clearly and concisely explains the benefits of learning hip hinging. While I like the pictures, the video shows some equipment that is not readily available at most gyms (including ours, yet…). In addition, the neck version is not recommended for new lifters (and I don’t think I would ever do this or tell someone to do it). If you want a video of a Romanian deadlift, good morning, or a kettlebell swing visit The Performance Menu.

2 thoughts on “What To Expect: The Hip Hinge

  • Kris

    As I ramp back up to regular gym activity after 3 months off (I’m embarrassed even admitting that), hip flexibility and power seems to be the thing I’m having the most trouble with (second is probably tricep strength for dips). ALL of my lifts are way down, I can’t generate any power and keep moving to my toes instead to compensate.

    Use it or lose it never seemed like so obvious an adage. Get your hips right, people!

  • saulj Post author

    Kris, you did it once before, it will be much easier this time. Hip flexibility is so very crucial. Buy a band or two and follow KStarr’s blog, it has helped me tremendously. We are doing some of the banded mobilizations and I think they are helping.

    Look into some shoulder mobility to increase triceps strength a little quicker. Check out where the triceps originates: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triceps_brachii_muscle

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