Q3 programming

I have added the Q3 overview and the Q3 – C1 detailed programming. Here are some notes:

Glute Ham raise looks like this, except that we will use bands to assist and we won’t have the hip flexion at the end.

We’ve added some more longer workouts in particular more 7 x 5 min intervals. I think these are a fun way to work technique and still get a workout. If you don’t like them or you do like them, please let one of the coaches know.

You are seeing alot more progressions in the programming, that is because we are trying to make the workouts more appropriate for everyone’s individual strengths. If you need help figuring out where you are in the progressions, talk to one of the coaches.

Here’s the planche progression. You can add a push-up when you are ready.

I will add some videos of the ABDomination movements later.