Thursday Lunches and Greens Recipe 1

Lunch is served!
Susan, Blair and Bill finishing up lunch.

Thursday lunches are already a success. We fed eight people including Susan and I. This time we had Carnitas, guacamole, lime and cilantro rice and some really good greens.

We are going to have these Thursday lunches as many times as we can this summer.

Next Thursday, we’re doing to have spaghetti squash (if I can find some), meatballs and some veggies.

Here’s the greens recipe from Amy (it’s all about bacon fat, duh):

The recipe for the greens is actually so simple.

In large dutch oven or large skillet warm up 2 – 3 tsp bacon drippings.
Add in 1/2 chopped white onion

Cook over medium high heat until onion has begun to carmelize and is browned around the edges. Then add in:

Greens of choice, cut into 2-inch pieces, approximately. I didn’t measure how much but you can just fill the pan/pot up to the top, loosely, not jammed in there. Stir a few times and add a splash of water. Cover and cook about 4-5 minutes and check. They should be wilted but not gloppy. Stir again and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. And that’s it!!

For this batch I used a mixture of dino kale, mixed chard, bok choi, beet greens and cabbage. There is no rhyme or reason just use what you’ve got on hand, and don’t add too much water. They don’t need long to cook before they get soggy!

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