A Note to Vendors 4

We get many calls each week from vendors, who want to sell us something, yet haven’t even taken 5 minutes to check out our website. Each of these calls takes time away from coaching our athletes. To reduce the amount of time we spend saying “no thanks, you haven’t done […]

Special Workout Today at 6:30

We are lucky to have an athlete visiting us who is on the CrossFit New England CF Games team. He is going to do a workout at MDSoF this eve starting at 6:30 PM. All classes are going to be on the same schedule, but if you want a special […]

Saturday, June 2

Tony and his wife are scheduled to have a baby this Saturday had a baby, so we decided to give him the day off. Just one though. 🙂 Susan and I will be at a KB Workshop in San Carlos. If you are interested in attending, it should be fun […]

Apologies 1

Apologies to the people who came today at noon, we were at the CrossFit Games NorCal Regionals. Thank you for checking up on us to see if we were OK. Please tell me if you were here at 12:30; we have something special for you!