A Note to Vendors 4

We get many calls each week from vendors, who want to sell us something, yet haven’t even taken 5 minutes to check out our website. Each of these calls takes time away from coaching our athletes. To reduce the amount of time we spend saying “no thanks, you haven’t done your homework” to vendors, as respectfully as possible, we have embedded a code somewhere on this site (it shouldn’t be too hard to find and it is the only phrase in italics on that page). When you call or email please use that code in your voice mail message or in the subject of your e-mail, otherwise we won’t return your phone call/e-mail. Thank you for respecting our athletes’ time.

4 thoughts on “A Note to Vendors

  • Dylan

    That’s awesome. The only downside is that the vendors who haven’t read this blog entry won’t know why you aren’t returning their calls, so they might just call again (and/or eventually decide you’re being rude). But still, it’s awesome.

  • saulj

    I did this mostly to have the policy on our site. I doubt any vendors will read it. I now rarely answer the phone unless I know the number. I have also changed the phone message.

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