Week 22 – 24 Programming and Levels

For the last month or so we have been introducing the concept of levels on the Whiteboard at the gym. We are now going to post them along with the programming here on the blog instead of the newsletter. Please check out the levels and ask questions either here or in the gym. Over the next few weeks, we will work on getting levels and the programming a little more “baked.”

The whole point of dividing the programing into levels is to make the process of getting you healthier and stronger (in that order) more transparent to you and to reduce the risk inherent in strength training in a class environment. Less of a priority, but still important, is to help MDSoF athletes, and others visiting our site, understand how to do the exercises correctly, what intensity to perform them at, and most importantly, why they should be done. There are a surprising amount of athletes who have no understanding of what, for instance, the purpose of the KB Swing is. So, if our transition to levels doesn’t work for you, let us know why and maybe we can change it to make sure that you get what you expect.

Here are the levels for the rest of this 3 weeks cycle and here is the programming.