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Excuses and Influence 1

A few weeks ago Jason posted a link to the “What’s Your Excuse” video in one of the comments for the Excuses post. One of my personal training athletes sent it to all the coaches at Stanford (she’s on a mailing list with them). I understand they liked Jason’s link. […]


As I have said before, changing diet and/or exercise habits is hard. What is the hardest part is switching from a “how I get things done” paradigm to a “what do I need to get done” paradigm. But we can save that for another (long) post at at later date. […]

Excuses 5

I consider myself pretty patient but there are two excuses for not coming into the gym that I drive me nuts. The first, usually from men, is “I have to get into shape before I go to the gym.” I have laid off training as much as anyone, and I […]