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A few weeks ago Jason posted a link to the “What’s Your Excuse” video in one of the comments for the Excuses post. One of my personal training athletes sent it to all the coaches at Stanford (she’s on a mailing list with them). I understand they liked Jason’s link.

I often forget to introduce new people because I think everyone knows each other because I know everyone. I am the fish that doesn’t know anything other than water. My perspective is being here all the time. One of the things that I see over and over is how people influence people they don’t even know by their actions. Just by being there and doing what they want to do, they influence someone’s life that might not even be at the gym at that moment. Someone will look at that person and then decide, “that person reminds me of my husband/wife/friend/co-worker, I bet he/she would really like to train here.”

If you are feeling like a bowl of warmed over dog doo, do something, today, that will help you feel better. You will not only help yourself but you will probably be influencing and helping someone that you don’t even know. If you are feeling frisky, get into the gym now, we want to see some over-achieving!

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  • Susan

    This is so true. If someone influences you, or has an impact on you – let them know! There’s always room in the world for more acknowledgement.

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