Excuses 5

I consider myself pretty patient but there are two excuses for not coming into the gym that I drive me nuts. The first, usually from men, is “I have to get into shape before I go to the gym.” I have laid off training as much as anyone, and I know that the first few days back suck bad. It doesn’t matter how out of shape you are, they just suck. It’s like jumping into cold water, the faster you get in, the less it sucks. The answer to this excuse is usually pretty easy, “Our specialty is people who are out of shape.”

The second excuse, usually from women, is that they don’t want to get too big/bulky from lifting weights. I usually don’t have much to say to this one (luckily, I can just hand the phone to Susan now :-)) because there really isn’t much I can say (other than “do you know how many guys try to gain muscle and still can’t, even with the right hormones to get it done”). Fortunately, Joan has come to the rescue and sent me this article. Now I have “12 reasons [women] shouldn’t live another day without hitting the weights.” Thank you Joan, way better than “What’s the matter with women with big muscles?,” which wasn’t really working.

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