Nutrition Challenge Winners Announced! 1

The first nutrition challenge of 2012 wrapped up on February 7th. Thanks to everyone who participated!

This year, we added the requirement of an essay for all participants, and we’ll share parts of those essays in future posts because they were so good.

Most of the participants had done some sort of nutrition challenge in the past, but several of them took their commitment to eating well to a new level this time. For example, several people completely gave up sugar, alcohol, or diet drinks for the very first time!    Congratulations to all who took on this challenge – whatever your experience was, focus on what you have learned from the process.  It’s not really about whether or not you did what you set out to do, but about what you learned about foods and your relationship to them or how they make you feel.  There’s power in knowledge; once you have knowledge, you have choice.  And having choice is empowering.

And the Winners are:


1st place:  Gwyn G. – New to CrossFit classes, Gwyn gave up sugar completely for 30 days; discovered it wasn’t that hard for her to live (and feel good) without sugar.

2nd place: Gnat! (Natira) M. – Gnat took on the challenge while still in Bootcamp!

(Tie) 3rd place:  Sara Atkins – Sara just started CrossFit at MDSoF in January and jumped right into the challenge – she gave up sugar and diet coke.

(Tie) 3rd place: Heather S. – Has been eating clean for quite some time, but gave up sugar for the whole challenge and learned a lot about how to deal with social situations when eating clean!


1st place: Lucas M. – Focused on recovering and supporting recovery; and learned a bunch about having meals prepared ahead of time to avoid making undesirable choices when hungry.

2nd place: Vince P. – Discovered he could eat well during the week, but found that social situations were challenging, especially on the weekends.

There were no other finishers in the men’s division to complete all requirements, so the 3rd place men’s prize is given to the tied women’s 3rd place finishers.

Congratulations to all participants; All winners, please see Susan to collect your (cash) prize!

One thought on “Nutrition Challenge Winners Announced!

  • Kris

    Congrats, fellow challenge winners! Join me here in the Valhalla of Paleo Champions.

    Seriously, though, great job. Hope that, like Saul said, you learned a lot about yourselves during the month. I know I did, and still am.

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