Life Coaching

As many of you know, Susan is a life coach. I bet many of you are wondering what a life coach is and what does Susan actually do? In a nutshell, a life coach is your BFF, your parents, your favorite teacher, and a soul-crushing drill sergeant all rolled up into one beautiful (in the case of Susan) package.

Let’s back up a second and talk a little about the “coach” part first and then we’ll talk about the “life” part later. A coach is the intersection of a domain specific knowledge, general education knowledge and general psychology knowledge. They know how to do some task (this task would be your goal), how to teach your goal to a variety people and probably most importantly, how to let you to put your full effort into making your goal happen (some people would call this motivation, but it’s a little different than that).

Next, let’s talk about “life.” Life is the day-to-day crap that we have to deal with e.g. our jobs, relationships, chores, fitness, food, that novel you want to write, that song you want to play your grandkids on the piano, etc.

You might say that you already have a friend that you talk to, or family members that you talk to about your career. Cool, you are one step up on most people I know. The problem with using a friend or a family member is that sometimes they are either too close to the issue or, more likely, aren’t dedicated to helping you, or even if they are, they they can only help you the way they know, not the way is best for you. Have you ever had a relationship issue and one of your friends says “dump her/him” but it just doesn’t “feel” right but you don’t really know what the “right” way is? Have you ever had a friend (or anyone) ask you when you had that relationship issue “what do you think you did to help create this situation? If you have, you have an awesome person in your life, and you probably don’t need a life coach (unless he/she isn’t free for that hour you carved out of your hectic week).

Here’s the deal, if you are stuck and not living the life you want, and no one is asking you the hard questions that we all know need to be asked, and then, and here is the most important part, helping you put your feeble mind together after it just got completely blown apart well enough so that you can actually get something accomplished, you probably could use the services of a life coach. How long does this take and can a life coach help you with what you want to accomplish? The answer is always, “it depends,” maybe you should ask a coach, I know a good one.