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Last week, I was talking to Anosh about a shoulder issue he was having. I was going to send him some videos about some basic shoulder anatomy and general issues, but then I thought it would probably be more useful to share here. If you have shoulder issues, most of us do, watching the video below and reading the article will take you about 2 hours, but is super important for you to have this information to maximize your success training at MDF. The video is a lecture by Dr. Brian Feeley, examines common shoulder pathologies and how they can be treated. The article explains how we implement the information presented by Dr. Feeley into teaching the proper technique for the exercises and lifts in our workouts.

I have posted the Shoulder Problems: Reach for the Top video before. This video briefly explains the force couple concept mentioned in the next article about 25:00, but don’t just skip ahead, watch the whole video. This discussion of force couple might be helpful as well.

This article explains the concept of shoulder packing that is taught in a number of conditioning systems, but most importantly, what we teach at MDF.

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