Monthly Archives: March 2014

Black Mountain Hike

Above are a few images from the hike we did this weekend up Black Mountain. This one was on the long side, about 11 miles from Foothill College. Next weekend, we are going on a pretty long all day hike to Henry Coe State Park. We will leave the gym […]

February Coaches Meeting

The February coaches was awesome because we had Manish, who is a physician, came to speak to us about bones and bone density. It is important that all of our coaches understand the physiology of bones, and most importantly, how exercise affects bone growth because as you can see below, […]

400 Lb Squats

I’m a little bit behind, we now have at least three 400 lb (183 kg)+ box back squaters: Marshall P, Jason F and Pat D. Sean L is very close at 180 kg (free back squat). I’ll have to admit that I have no video because I was just excited […]