Strong (Wo)Man for the next three weeks

A quick note about the Saul Sanskit on the whiteboard for tomorrow. For the next three weeks, we will strong (wo)man like workouts. I am sure you have already noticed the increase in cleans. Here are some examples of some of the exercises (the video is near the bottom). Screaming is optional.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we are having a partner workout that includes picking up a “heavy thing.” That could be a yoke, a pair of kettlbells or dumbbells, a bar, a sandbag, a concrete ball, a big ass rock, etc. and walking with it. You can even have a mixture of toys on each round. Make it safe and fun. Ask a coach, if you need some help picking a suitable “heavy thing.” I get to workout tomorrow at 4 PM, so hope to see you then!

A quick note about the Thursday lunch workout, Susan is having dental surgery at lunch time so I have to leave right at 1:30 to pick her up. If you want a really fun, fast and furious workout, come at 12:30!