Black Mountain Hike

Above are a few images from the hike we did this weekend up Black Mountain. This one was on the long side, about 11 miles from Foothill College. Next weekend, we are going on a pretty long all day hike to Henry Coe State Park. We will leave the gym early and return late, like 9 PM or even later. After the Henry Coe hike, we will start doing shorter hikes and/or bikes closer to they gym.

We have an email list/group called Mad Dawg Unleashed that lets people know about outdoor events. Please contact Saul, Richard or Marshall to get on that list. We are also planning several events this summer that are going to be discussed on the Unleashed list so if you want to want to do something outdoors and you want to do it with some of the coolest people on the planet, then this is the list for you. Note that not all the events are hardcore death marches. Some events are as low key as going to the climbing gym or finding someone to share a relaxing Sunday morning dog walk. We will try to post the larger outdoor adventures on the MDSoF Events Google calendar.