6 Years Old! 3

Chris Streeter reminded me that Mad Dawg School of Fitness just turned 6 years old. I moved into the facility January 1, we had a work party in February and we had our first paying customer, Jason, in March so I usually say that our official birthday is March 1. If you want to see some of the some of the original posts and images, check this out. More pictures to follow.

Susan and I would like to thank everyone for your support over the years, we have been blessed with a great group of people and we are super grateful that you all choose to train at MDSoF.

Onward and upward!

3 thoughts on “6 Years Old!

  • Kris

    Saul, you rocked this workout:

    AMRAP in 6 years:

    – Teach great classes
    – Know your athletes as individuals and help improve all ability levels
    – Constantly work to improve yourself and your methods
    – Teach way more than just “exercise” or even “Crossfit”
    – Build a community around the gym
    – Have fun!
    – Burpees

    Easy, peasy, lemon-squeezy. Congratulations!

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