Last Minute Details for OktobeRun

The Course:
If you haven’t driven or run the course, do it now. plan to run a hill just before and after the half way mark. This hill will be a great place to put “the hurt” on those runners who haven’t been squatting and/or lunging. Also the course has a long finish stretch. If you aren’t used to that, try to remember that when you are tired it is going to seem like the finish stretch is longer than it really is. Try to focus on the next block rather than the finish line.

The Post-Race PARTAY:
Directly after the 5KM race, we are going to make ourselves available for stretching. We are going to have a rotating festival of mobility that will go something like this:

  • Foam roll back, hips, quads, calves
  • Downward Dawg
  • Resisted hip flexor stretch
  • Pigeon pose
  • Standing hamstring

If you feel like helping, that would be awesome. We will have stations and a coach will help you help runners. Here is a map of where we will be.

I am planning to sign up at 7:15 AM. WE are probably going to have about 10 – 15 people at run with MDSoF so you will probably have someone to run with.

Looking forward to seeing you there, if not in the morning, later for the party and dancing!