OktobeRun Was Fun! 2

We had a great time at the OktobeRun. The run was really well organized; although, Heather, Dustin and Lucas got stopped at a light and gave up several places just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Heather missed the podium by seconds. I think we did pretty good, I wonder what would happen if we actually trained for the race!

A huge thank you to everyone who showed up! I think over the day we had about 20 people come by to either work the booth or just come by to say hi. There was no way that Susan and I could have done this by ourselves, we are really grateful for all your help. We are going to do the 4th of July race so we hope to see some of you there.

2011 OktobeRun Results

Name Overall place Age Group place Time Pace
Curt 41 5 23:58 7:44
Saul 43 9 24:09 7:47
Heather 52 4 24:51 8:01
Lucas 59 12 24:57 8:03
Dustin 64 10 25:11 8:07
Mayra 105 14 27:39 8:55
Jasmine 168 24 30:09 9:44
Kris 187 9 30:59 10:00
Alicia 373 45 45:33 14:42

2 thoughts on “OktobeRun Was Fun!

  • Susan

    Congratulations, all! Great showing!
    Thanks, especially, for helping us at the booth with set-up, good energy, various competitions, and tear-down / clean up. We really, really appreciate that you have other things to do and other ways to spend your Saturday – so it’s extra-appreciated that you spent it with us. See you back at it this week!

  • Curt

    Awesome day, fun time with a great group! Tony, Debbie says I started 1 pushup before Saul said “GO”, so we really tied—-(don’t tell anyone).

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