Olympic Lifting Clinic – Clean – Class Outline

The purpose of this clinic is to be able to safely include an explosive, full-body movement into your workout for either or both the strength or the conditioning sections.

5:45 – 6:00 PM – warm-up

=== 6:00 PM ===
Who should be doing Olympic lifts in your workout?
How are you going to include the clean into your workout?
What are fundamental movement requirements and what should you work on?
Why should you even work towards learning the Olympic Lifts (From Olympic Weightlifting for Sports by Greg Everett – this is our coaching manual, if you want to know what we are going to teach, buy this book).

1) The improvement of knee and hip extension power.

2) The improvement of an athlete’s ability to safely and effectively absorb force or decelerate.

3) The collective improvement of kinesthetic awareness, fundamental athletic motor skills centered around the hips and legs, and the precise and consistent control of body positions and movements.

=== 6:05 ===
How to prepare for a workout with Olympic lifting (i.e. do you have a bulls-eye or homework?):

=== 6:20 ===
Break into groups that will work on one of the following skills. These groups are not divided on strength but on movement quality. Practice with video and coaching.

  1. Front Squat and/or DL/pull/hinge
  2. Hang Power Clean
  3. Power Clean

=== 6:45 ===
How do you put the Olympic lifts onto your workout?
1 rep EMOM for 10 Min – Clean variation or Front Squat, either DB or BB, using about 66% of 1 RM or whatever you practiced on.