Creating a Story About The Workouts

Think of the conditioning workouts as serving a function rather than a collection of exercises. Your coaches are telling you a story, in motion, what they think is important. One interpretation of the mini Helen workout on Monday was that it was an invitation to move quickly. Short distances, simple-ish movements, few reps but heavy-ish to add a little intensity.

Make sure, when you look at the board, you think about what you want to get out of the conditioning workout. Sometimes you and your coach will be on the same page, sometimes not. For instance, if your back is feeling tweeky and the workout is about hinging, you may want to ask your coach if you can have a different focus. Or if you are training for a long run or bike ride and you want to reduce the intensity to make the workout have more of an endurance feel. Conversely, if you are riding or running long on the weekends, you may want to make the workout shorter and more intense to make sure you are building strength, but not adding too much mass.

The more you participate in the workout, the more you will get out of the workout.