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We are less than 10 weeks from the Tough Mudder. If you are in decent shape the event is not that hard but it still demands some training. To have a “good day” at the Tough Mudder, here are three areas that you should focus on:

  1. Mobility: This is super important because of the first hill in the race. Many athletes hips are so tight their back gives out on the first hill. When you ascend a hill, you are constantly in flexed hip position and if you are flexed in the back instead of the hips, you will have a long day. If you aren’t a member of MDSoF, please see this article to start you off with mobility.
  2. Cardio: The TM site says that if you can run for 5 miles are are fit enough to finish the race, even though the race is over 10 miles. As we all know from our workouts, and will see this Wednesday, just a little running makes everything much harder. Especially at altitude, you want cardio to spare. However, that doesn’t mean you have to run hard all the time. When you are out on the trail, dial it back to where you can kind of talk, runs on your own should be easier to get your connective tissue strong enough for the long workouts closer to the race. We’ll do the high output cardio during gym workouts and at the track on Saturday.
  3. Tough Mudder Specific Skills: We are doing monkey rings and other hanging exercises. We have more coming that I think you will like and hopefully save you from some swims.

Below is the schedule for the Tough Mudder training until July 7. These are pretty much set but there may be some changes. Please check the events calendar online before the workout. Comments or questions should go to Saul.

Sat., May 4: Edgewood – This will be a baseline test for the first mile and the whole 2.5 mile Sylvan exercise loop. If you have not done this, you should do this, or something about this distance with hills ASAP.

Sun. May 5 – Fri., May 10: Total at least 40 minutes running and 1 hour walking in hills with a small pack or whatever you will do the Tough Mudder in.

Sat., May 11: Saturday Workout or 40 min run with hills.

Sun. May 12 – Fri., May 17: Total about 40 minutes running and 1.5 hour walking in hills with a small pack.

Sat., May 18: Saturday Workout or 45 min run with hills.

Sun., May 19 – Fri., May 24: Total about 45 minutes running and 2 hours with hills walking with a small pack. This would be a good time to try out your race hydration and food.

Sat., May 25 (Memorial Day): Water Dog Lake or the regular Saturday workout.

Sun., May 26 – Fri., May 31: This would a great weekend be active every day. Take a day off the previous week or the following week, but try to total 90 minutes (including the Saturday workout) of running over the 3 days and 2 hours of walking with a pack. If you need help finding a location talk to Saul or one of the coaches.

Sat., June 1: Edgewood or 50 minutes of running in the hills.

Sun., June 2 – Fri., June 7: Total 55 minutes running and 3 hours with hills walking with a small pack. After today, you should have a solid idea of what you will eat drink, wear and carry on the day of the event.

Sat., June 8: Swim workout – location TBD but probably Burlingame.

Sun., June 9 – Fri., June 14: Total 70 minutes running (not in one day) and 3 hours with hills walking with a small pack. After today, you should know what you will eat, drink, wear and carry on the day of the event.

Sat., June 15: Gladiator Rock and Run ( or Regular Saturday workout or 55 minutes of running with hills or a fun adventure run in SF, athletes choice.

Sun., June 16 – Fri., June 21: Total 80 minutes running (not in one day) and 2 hours with hills walking with a small pack.

Sat., June 22 – Sun., June 30: The next two weekends should include at least one pretty long and hard workout. Each week you should total about 2.5 hours of running (not in one day and including the Saturday workout) and about 2 hours of walking. An example would be, Saturday workout (30 min running), Sunday Rancho San Antonio ( PG&E Trail or Rhus Ridge trail to Black Mountain, 3 hours combined walking (2 hours) and running (1 hour). A 30 minute run on your own and we’ll make up the rest with running in class. NOTE: DO NOT do these workouts if you have not being keeping up with your training, you’ll just get hurt.

Sat., June 29: Long hike (probably Montara Mountain in HMB)

Thur., July 4th 5k+ Parade Run in RWC. Come by the MDSoF booth! If you can’t make this, easy jog for about 20 minutes and then 25 – 30 minutes hard run.

Sat., July 7: Edgewood – Short and fast run with a short, sprinty workout post-run.

Sun., July 8 – Thurs. July 11: Easy 1 – 2 hour hike on Sunday and just the running you’ll do in class.

Sat., July 13: Tough Mudder – BRING IT!

Please ask questions if any of this is not clear.

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  • Susan

    This looks great! Even though I’m not doing the TM (I’m on support), I am looking forward to doing this training schedule with the MDSoF Tough Mudder Team! Just do the training and you will see you can do the event. Everyone had a great time last year and this year will be no different!

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