Nutrition Challenge (Look, Feel, Perform Better) wraps up this week!

Saul and I do our best to practice what we preach; we really believe in recovery and time away from work, so we try not to work on Sundays. However, we’re making an exception to the Sunday-is-a-work-free-day-rule to (finally) post the list of participants in the first nutrition challenge of 2012! Everyone who threw their hat in the ring signed up for the ‘as Rx’d’ challenge:

Gwyn G.
Eileen G.
Sara Atkins
Katie M.
Heather S.
Melissa M.
Katelyn W.
Laurie N.

Mike W.
Pat D.
Lucas M.
Vince P.
Aron M.
Greg S.
Tony G.

Now, participants, there are deadlines for you this week, and here they are:

  • Take photo (front, back and side – digital copy OK) and measurements (chest, waist, hip, thigh) between Monday, Feb. 6th and Thursday, Feb. 10 and submit to Saul or Susan by Close of Business (COB).
  • Submit 500 word (or less) essay regarding your experience by Tuesday, Feb 7, COB.
  • Do Fran between Monday, Feb. 6 and Thursday, Feb. 10 COB.
  • Do a 1 RM back squat between Monday, Feb. 6th and Thursday, Feb. 10 COB.

You’re all stars for taking on this challenge – we look forward to hearing about your experiences, and to seeing your results.