New Project – We Want To See More of You 2

We are starting a project with Sara, she mostly attends the noon class but you will see her in the evenings too, to document our members.

For a number of years, I have been really bad about introducing people who regularly come to one class but sometimes find themselves in another class where they don’t see any familiar faces. My only excuse is that I know everyone; although, as we get more people, there are a few people I don’t know. Anyway, we think having a picture up on the wall of you will be a good way to remember names or at least put a name to a face.

In the coming weeks, you will be asked by Sara to get your picture taken. You are free to say no, but we would like as many pictures as possible. Below is a sample of the image we will print out and hang on the wall. If Sara can make me look this good, you will look like a rock star! Your image will be just the Polaroid-like image. The date in the lower right corner is when you started.

Post or email any comments or concerns.

Smile, you are about to do Fran! XOXO Saul and Susan!

2 thoughts on “New Project – We Want To See More of You

  • Susan

    We’re really grateful that Sara, a very new member here, has taken this project on… I was going to take the photos (yikes)… this is a much better solution – she’s on fire with the energy to get this done, and the images are really, really good! Thanks Sara!

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