Administrivia: Thursday, Dec. 15 7PM Class – Cancelled 4

Thursday, Dec. 15 7pm class is cancelled; we are closing early that day to have our Coaches Holiday party. Thanks for understanding.

4 thoughts on “Administrivia: Thursday, Dec. 15 7PM Class – Cancelled

  • Curt

    Saw this from San Mateo Crossfit—great WOD! When we doing it?


    New Years Eve Murph

    “Murph”. Named after the legendary SEAL Operator, LT Michael Murphy, this WOD was also known as Body Armour and was Murphy’s favorite.


    1 mile run

    100 pull-ups

    200 push-ups

    300 squats

    1 mile run

    *If you have a 20lb weight vest, wear it.

  • saulj

    We did Murph this year, I forget the occasion though. When you come in next I will tell you why we don’t do this or any of the other hero workouts that often. We can plan something else long and ugly if you want on NYE though… 🙂

  • maryann

    susan and I did murph as a team – it was right after I finished boot camp. definitely no vest, though. 🙂

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