Turkey Update 1

As you have probably noticed, Second Harvest Food Bank came by to pick up the food barrels. We almost filled one up, but most importantly, it was with good quality food, which we found out from volunteering to do the food sorting, is not always the case. In addition, we raised $153 in cash at the gym which we divided up between Erik and Liz who had paid $433 out of pocket to buy the turkeys the day we volunteered.

Thank you to everyone who participated. I know you get inundated with requests for money/food/presents during the holidays so Susan and I appreciate that you chose to donate at MDSoF.

Finally, we want to make service a part of the experience at MDSoF. You will never be required to participate in service activities; however, we want to give everyone an opportunity to participate in some sort of service in case, for some reason, they don’t have an opportunity currently or they haven’t found the right group to participate with. We want to have some sort of service event every quarter, so if you have a good cause, please let us know and we will see what we can do to help out.

One thought on “Turkey Update

  • Kris

    Just another reason why you guys run the best CF box around – not just athletic improvement, life improvement!

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