Bridge Cycle Programming

We are in what I am calling a Bridge Cycle. We are going to start a regular block of programming on the first of the year, so this is a short 9 week cycle to get us there.

Here is the overview and here is the first 3 week cycle.

This cycle is dedicated to building strength. We will be squating at least twice a week. In addition, we will having athletes who can clean clean at least once a week. Athletes who haven’t learned to clean we are going to make sure their FMS scores are 14 or higher without any asymmetries and have the appropriate deadlift capacity and then teach them to clean if they want to. The conditioning part of the workout is going to be short to make time for the strength work and minimize intensity as most people are pretty maxed out during the holidays.

If you have any questions about the workouts or why we are focusing on strength, please ask a coach.