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I have seen some good content on preparing for the CF Games 13.2 workout but most of them have references to the way the the top competitors would do it and that is just not how most of us will be able to approach the workout.

CF Games Open workout 13.2, which, it turns out, is very similar to 13.1. While they have very different exercises and elapsed times, the point of them is very similar, destroy your back and leave you to figure out a way to survive in heaving pile of sweaty flesh. OK, maybe that is a little overstated, but the point is that the majority, if not all of the CF Games Open workouts, are going to follow a pattern that looks like this:

1) How can we make your back fail due to a lack of technique and/or mobility. By “fail” I mean reduce the ability/efficiency of your back to transfer force from your hips and legs to your arms.

2) How can we get you so out of breath that you lose your technique and then get your back to fail.

3) How can we get you so tired that you’ll just give up,

4) How many weeks can we do this before your back/shoulder/body fails and/or you quit because you are just too hammered.

So as I said in the video, you are a special snow flake, so prepare yourself to deal with these in order. If you don’t know how to do that, you’re in luck because we do! When you come to the special session this evening at 6:30 PM here’s what going to cover:

6:30 – A quick discussion of the workout, what we know about the workout from the people who have tried it and a quick discussion of the main places that people are going to fail and where you think you are going to have a hard time.

6:40 – A quick warm-up with just the basics, run/row, foam roll shoulders back and legs. The point of these seminars is to get you a warm-up so that you can be prepared, so we want you fairly “cool” so we can see if you have any changes when we do different mobility exercises.

6:50 – Start warming up with some pressing movements (e.g. press, push press, push jerk, split jerk). Add some filming to zero in on what to work on.

7:10 – Start warming up DL, review of start position, discuss differences between training the DL and performing it in an event. Do some filming so that we can get something to focus on.

7:25 – Quick discussion of box jumps. This is not to say that box jumps are not technical or critical to the workout but the press and the deadliest have the most impact.

7:30 – Pair up and do the events or parts of them to make a trial run.

7:50 – Final discussion of strategy and preparation.

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  • Gwyn Gordon

    Notice that in the paragraph of “7:25” there is a Freudian slip: where you meant to write “deadlift” instead you wrote “deadliest.” Coincidence? I think not.

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