Fundraiser for College Park School

Mike W asked me to put this up. It looks like a really cool dinner for a good cause! We may head over there after class even though the event ends at 8 PM, Spices stays open later. I hope some of you get to take advantage of this, it is only $35 for the dinner and I’ve heard the food is really good at Spices. Here is the official flyer.

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” Charles Dickens could have written his tale of two cities about almost any two cities on our earth today!

It is the best of times for College Park School. Our students are learning and test scores have never been higher. Our teachers are outstanding, an amazing team. Our new buildings are gorgeous. We have a waiting list for all grade levels and for our GATE program. Our PTA is thriving and our new Friends of Mandarin Scholars foundation is having its debut event this month. Dickens would be tickled!

It is the worst of times…or at least not as good as we had hoped. The severe Congressional cuts at the federal level means the end of our five year FLAP grant, three years earlier than we had anticipated. After so much work to get the grant, it is very disheartening to lose it prematurely. Nothing will change for this school year but we will not have federal money for next year for FLAP and likely not for Title One.

What does this mean for College Park and our Mandarin program? First, our program is strong and making excellent progress. That will not change. Second, we have evaluated our current program and identified the most critical items that need to be preserved; classrooms assistants, technology support and teacher training. We knew these would need local support in 2015. We just need to adjust to a new timeline. Third, our new Friends of Mandarin Scholars foundation will need our help sooner, rather than later.

What can parents do? Continue to contact our federal, state and local leaders about the need for support of multilingual education. Spread the word to our community about our fabulous school and ask for their support. Do you frequent an Asian market? Chinese restaurant? Are you a member of a service organization? Does you employer offer matching donations? Are you the member of an alumni association that includes a large Asian population like UC Berkeley? College Park is perfectly positioned to support Mandarin education in the entire Bay area. We just need to spread the word and activate community support.

Our Friends of Mandarin Scholars, a 501c3 non-profit foundation (FMS), will be the group to spearhead our Mandarin efforts. We do not want to compete with our PTA or district foundation, but FMS will need help from individuals and groups. For more information find us on facebook,, or contact any FMS Board member. Our first event is Thursday, January 26th at Spices Restaurant in Foster City.

Yes, it is the best of times.

Diana Omo Hallock, principal
College Park School