2012 Nutrition Challenge – Rules Addendum

We are clarifying the following RX division rule:

Whole30 for 30 Days, if you don’t know what that is, check out your Whole9 Nutrition Guide. If you don’t have one, ask for one from Susan or Saul.

It should read as follows (and will be changed on the original post):

We think your best chance for success is to follow the Whole30 for all 30 days of the challenge. However, we also know that not everyone can change the way they and/or their family eats at the drop of a hat, or more specifically, on a specific day. To be clear, you are not “out” of the competition if you “fall of the wagon” or can’t follow the Whole30 as prescribed. If you don’t know what that is, check out your Whole9 Nutrition Guide. If you don’t have one, ask for one from Susan or Saul.

As long as I have your attention, I will tell you a little bit about why we made the clarification.

      First and most importantly, health is journey for which each athlete must take responsibility. By responsibility, I don’t mean blame-ability, what I mean is really just the ability to respond. When asked why he/she eats a certain way, the athlete can say exactly why. While the athlete doesn’t have eat any particular way, she does need to know the correct way to eat or at least what her coach thinks is correct.

We should also eat for the long-term, which means eat the best food you can as often as you can. If you fail, then eat better as soon as you can. Think of it like this, on Sept. 16, 1997 Steve Jobs was re-hired as interim CEO at Apple Inc. when the share price was around $5. Today it’s $418 a share AND it’s split twice! In 2006, Apple stock went from $85 down to $55. Were you the sucker that bailed out then? Does that crazy weekend in Vegas once or twice a year really count? For most of us without diabetes or an auto-immune disease, over the long-term, I think not. Your health, like your stocks just need to go up more than they go down.

What we are trying to do is build long-term health. Do you need focus and discipline for long-term health, yes. Do you need to periodically do an elimination diet like the Whole30 a couple times a year to clean up your diet just to see which foods are doing the most damage, yes. Are you going to have to make some hard choices, most certainly. But do you need to get all wound up about a bite or two of dark chocolate every few days for dessert, does that mean you are not eating clean, probably not. Be disciplined and focused, and most importantly make a great, i.e. happy and healthy, product, and your stock will go up!