Heather Brings Performance And An Invitation

WOD Heather RopeClimb 20110520 003

A few weeks ago, we did a workout that was 5 rounds, each with a rope climb in it. Heather did all 5 rope climbs, all the way to the top!

Heather has also extended the following invitation to MDSoF gym members:

We are going river hiking on the Arroyo Seco on Aug 20/21 near King City, CA. It is about 3 hrs south of San Francisco. The temperature soars there in the summer, but the hike is all in water. You wear your swim suits and river sandals to swim and wade through water. At the end awaits a slot canyon and a waterfall that we will climb up and over. This website has some details from a different group that went. We booked 1 campsite (8 people) for the river hike.

Then on Labor Day, we have a campsite at Castle Crag State Park, which is close to Mt. Shasta. There is cool hiking there and kayaking/boating on the lake. We booked 2 campsites (16 people).

These events are also listed on the events page. Please let us know if you have an event that you want to publicize to the MDSoF community.