Recovery: Paleo Quickie – A Happy Ending

Many of you are participating in the Quickie Paleo Challenge. It will officially end Wednesday, Nov. 24. But really it is just beginning as the holiday season approaches like an Unstoppable (a great action film with some social commentary) freight train. We know why we are doing the challenge, to create fast and easy Paleo meals, so now is the time to show what we know.

Write your favorite “Get Back on the Hormonal Train Tracks to Happyville” recipe on the sheets placed around the gym. Choose your most simple and easy recipes because your users are probably not going to be in their right minds when they make these meals. Three lucky winners, a breakfast, lunch and dinner, will be featured on MDFTV!

If you have been strict on the diet and you are doing to let lose over the holidays and will traveling or in close quarters with someone you care about, after letting lose, start decompressing now. Each day have a small serving of something like bread, pasta, rice, ice cream, etc., that will prepare your gut and system for the onslaught of gut-irritants and sugar. Your friends and family will thank you. After you let lose, get the train back on the tracks with one of the featured recipes.

A final note, obviously, we at MDF think, and hopefully eat like, nutrition is a critical piece of a healthy and happy life, but remember the end goal is happy.