Weekend Warrior Series #4 – Out With A Bang! 8

The regular season finale of the Weekend Warrior Series was really fun AND we also won! MDF team finished the regular season with a 3-1 record and we are going to the playoffs on Oct. 30 at CrossFit San Carlos.

A huge thank you to Joan who drove the whole thing from beginning to end!

Another huge thank you to Brandon, the team manager, who helped at every competition.

The hugest thank you ever known, to the all the people who showed up early to help set up and stayed late to help clean up.

Finally, clear your calendar for the morning and mid-afternoon of Oct. 30. They play-offs are going to be absolutely OFF THE HOOK CRAZY FUN and our team will need your cheers of encouragement (yes, they can hear them and they help). There will be 3 events that day so if you are busy you can still drop by for a few minutes and enjoy the fun.

The MDF Team members are:
Jason F
Joan G
Josh G
Kris Z
Marshall H
Matt W

Please wish them good luck in the playoffs!

8 thoughts on “Weekend Warrior Series #4 – Out With A Bang!

  • Kevin Crossfit Moxie

    Thanks again for a great competition this past Saturday! Good luck in the playoffs!

    Also, did anyone find a red Crossfit Moxie hooded sweatshirt left behind after the comp.?


  • admin Post author

    yes, I have two hoodies here. I think I can get them delivered to you on Thursday. More later.

    Thanks for coming over, it was really good to meet you.

  • Susan

    Super excited that the MDF team proved their prowess! Great work, everyone! I can’t wait to cheer you on at the play-offs!

  • AmyP

    I will for sure be cheering you all on October 30th!! I’m also in charge of the food for the BBQ after the events are over, so come ready to enjoy some Paleo grub!! 🙂

  • admin Post author

    Amy, Let us know if there is anything we need to bring. Also you ca be sure that we will help you set up and clean up. Boss us around and make us like it!

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