2012 Nutrition Challenge – Rules Addendum – Again

As you all probably know by now our Nutrition Challenge is starting today! You must have your pictures to us today (we can wait on the money ’til Wednesday)! Most importantly, you have to start eating “clean” today. If you feel anything like I do right now after a travel weekend, you can’t wait.

The rule clarification I wanted to make is for pictures. I am not sure why I forgot this, it seems like I forget every year. While Susan has probably seen both the insides and outside of more naked people than you or I will ever care to see, and I, while I haven’t seen that many naked bodies, I would like to think I can be professional about it, we understand that taking pictures of yourself semi-clothed can be difficult for some people and sending them to a member of the opposite sex can be just too much. So here are the rule clarifications:

If you send your picture to either Susan or Saul (at maddawgfitness.com), it will be understood that you don’t want a member of the opposite sex to see your images. If you send your images to info (at maddwgfitness.com) then that means you don’t care. Finally, to clarify, only Susan will judge the women and only Saul will judge the men.

Send away, operators are standing by!

I think we are up to 10 people at this point, including myself and Susan (we are dueling it out for bragging rights, but we are still adding money to the pot).