Minor Workout Changes

Dylan caught a typo in the newsletter that really changed the workout on Friday. There is also some lack of clarity with the 1 RM, so here is how the Friday workout should read:

Strength: Full – (Hang) Power Snatch – 3 Position
Time Domain: 10 Min GID
Conditioning: 3 rounds
5 x Single Arm DB Overhead Lunges *
5 x Twisting Knees-to-Elbow/Toes-to-Bar/Windshield Wiper
10 x Snatch Grip RDLs **
* 33-40% of the finishing weight of 3 position snatch.
** Use finishing weight of 3 position snatch.

Note: It is really 5 steps with the DB in your right hand and 5 steps with the DB in your left hand. Since a lunge is a unilateral exercise, we count a step with the right leg and a step with the left leg as a single lunge.

On the Thursday workout, I have added one additional option, here is new version of the Thursday workout:

Strength: Upper – Bench Press – Find 3RM or 6 sets on the 2:00 interval 3 x 30X3 with 80% of 3RM (Search for “What the hell does 50X0 mean” here) or 3 x 10 with 80% of 3RM.
Time Domain: 10 x 1 min
Odds: 3 x Stiff leg Sumo DL *
Evens: 3 x Ring Row
* use 60% of box squat

Here’s a good video on the mechanics of the Sumo DL which shares some of the technique of the Sumo DL but what Mark Bell is saying about the head position applies to both lifts.

P.S. Thanks Dylan for pointing out the typo.