What To Do – Or Not Do – About High Cholesterol

Chris Kresser will be speaking at Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, CA – Sunday, February 26th from 3-5pm

He’ll be speaking about cholesterol and heart disease. This is an updated talk focusing on a practical framework for determining whether high cholesterol is a problem for you or not, and if it is, what to do about it.

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If you can’t attend, you should check out his great series of podcasts on cholesterol with Chris Masterjohn from The Daily Lipid. They are a little long, but really good and very thorough. If you can only listen to one, try the 3rd podcast first, which goes something like this:

2:30 The role of cholesterol in heart disease
11:26 What to do – or not do – about high cholesterol
24:11 The thyroid-LDL connection and why iodine matters
29:36 Are goitrogenic foods inhibiting your thyroid function and raising your cholesterol?
46:01 The telltale sign you need more carbs

In addition, Chris Kresser will be giving an online lecture through the Paleo Summit which is free.