MDTV is Back! 5

I spent a long time to say this: Successful athletes have a foundation of proper nutrition. Being prepared makes for the fastest cooking. Use your rest days to prepare the components of good meals, then you can focus on doing the things that make life worth living.

See you next time for episode 11!

5 thoughts on “MDTV is Back!

  • susan

    The soup is DELICIOUS!!!
    Thanks for being such a force in our foundation of nutrition, Saul… I would not be able to eat as well as I do if I was left to my own devices.

  • streeter

    Saul, do you have a more traditional view of the recipe? In other words, a list of ingredients, steps, etc. That’d be helpful for people!

  • saulj

    I don’t have one for this but next time I will post it along with the video. I will say that I rarely follow recipes to the letter and even the recipes that I use regularly come out differently each time because I never make them the same. However, I should get better at writing things down.

  • streeter

    Yeah, same here. I usually use recipes as guidelines. But it is helpful to have a text description of it so I can search my archive for ingredients when I’m looking to make something with a specific ingredient.

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