Congratulations to all CF Games Open Competitors! 1

As you probably know, several members of MDSF have been competing in the CrossFit Games Open competitions for the past 6 weeks. Last Saturday was the final workout and it was held at San Carlos CrossFit.

The last workout was particularly evil. Jason named it Fran-o-rama, but I think that sounds a little too joyful. It was more like Death By Fran. Anyway, a good time was had by all. Thanks to Breanne and Branden for helping at all the events at MDSF and for hosting the finale. Thank you to Heather for making the super yummy hamburgers!

Congratulations to Joan G., Dustin S., Dylan A., Heather S., Jack R., Jasmine S., Josh D., and Josh G. for completing all the workouts. Also thanks to Kevin, Melissa, Wes and Yuta for joining us in the workouts.

Finally, a huge thank you to Joan and Jason for making this happen. They pushed to make it happen by both their words and actions. I am super inspired by their dedication to training. You probably don’t see them training much because they do it in their “spare time.”

If you want to check out the Regionals, the top 60 men and women in Northern California competing head-to-head, they will be held on June 3 – 5.

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