(Almost) Whole30 – Part 3 2

After delivering the MDSF Nutrition Guide, we are asking anyone who wants to participate in doing the Whole30 to sign up at the gym.

We aren’t having a contest like the LB(A)NC but it would be a good idea to take either pictures or measurements. If you want Susan or I to take pictures let us know. So what are you signing up for? If you are new to this kind of eating, pick one goal that you think you can do for 30 days like sleep 8 hours a night, no sugar, no grains, or no alcohol. In other words, you train for success by being successful. It sounds silly but it works. No matter how small the goal, nothing breeds success like success.

Now, here is the second part of the “success” story. While I know that Dallas and Melissa say this isn’t hard, but if it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it. Your mind plays tricks on you and will try anything to get you “back on the crack.” I won’t go into what those tricks are but believe me, no matter who you are, there will be one thing that you are trying to do that is so ingrained into the way you seek happiness that it will make this challenge harder than it seems. So should you pick that one first (if you even know what it is)? I wouldn’t. Build yourself a foundation, of healthy living by picking the low hanging fruit. Get rid of the things that you just don’t care about. For me, that is grains, I used to like noodles and bread, but giving them up was pretty easy. I used to like burritos but now I just order a meat plate with no beans or rice (I get some strange looks but I am pretty used to that by now).

I’ve done these diet challenges a few times, so I am going for the throat this time, no alcohol and more water. I also have some goals that I think will be much more attainable when I drink less alcohol and more water, but I will save those for another post… OK, I’ll give one, a few of us are competing in a weightlifting meet on May 22 in Los Altos. I signed up for the 77KG weight class which shouldn’t be an issue to make that weight (I need to lose 3 – 5 lbs) but no alcohol and the habit of drinking more water will be very helpful.

Post your low hanging fruit or your demon and what goal(s) you will achieve when you change a habit, I think it will help others get an idea of where to focus their energy.

2 thoughts on “(Almost) Whole30 – Part 3

  • Susan

    I’ve been doing a Whole30 since March 6th, which has turned into… however many days that is now. Except yesterday, knowing I was going to go another Whole30 (starting today), I cheated by having some ice cream while watching ‘The Power of One.’ The ice cream was good, but it wasn’t all that.

    Since I’ve been on the Whole30 for the last month-plus, I’ve leaned out a bit. My weight hasn’t changed. I sleep much better. I wake up and I’m ready to go, rather than being a sloth for a few hours. I have also been able to bid farewell to joint pain, back pain, hip and pelvis pain – I used to wake up with it and now, I’m sure it was diet-related (probably too much bacon/ lard / unpastured animal fat). I get acne from something – and while that’s better, it’s not completely resolved while on Whole30. So this time, I’m cutting out nuts, in addition to all the other requirements of a complete Whole30 (sugar-free, sugar-substitute-free, grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, alcohol-free.. and for me, caffeine-free). I am excited to see omitting nuts makes a difference in my skin.

  • Susan

    I forgot to say that I’m really looking forward to seeing what results everyone else gets by participating in the Whole30. Please let Saul or I know how we can assist you!

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