FGB 2010 – Saturday 3

HOLY HANNAH! We had close to 30 people do FGB on Saturday! Breanne brought 12 (or more people) from San Carlos CrossFit.

A huge THANK YOU to all who helped, especially Curt for cooking and Karl for the awesome speaker and workout soundtrack. It was really great to open the doors and have people there asking to help, bringing coffee (thanks Joan) and, most importantly, cleaning up.

These pictures are only from the second heat. I am hoping to get images from others that attended to stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “FGB 2010 – Saturday

  • AmyP

    Woo hoo!! Thanks for letting us crash Mad Dawg this weekend! Pain is way more fun to experience in large groups :). I’ll have to ask Dana if he has the video that he took of everyone’s ugly faces!!

  • joan

    this was a GREAT morning! i was SO SO SO glad to have CF San Carlos there … great group of folks and totally motivating! Hayra kicked ass on her first FGB!

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