Get Started

Step 1 – The ‘Get Started’ Session
Everyone starts with a Get Started session!

The Get Started session is a complimentary private session with a coach. In this one-hour session, we’ll show you around the gym, review your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) and your goals, perform the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), and design exercises that will address your specific needs. We’ll answer your questions about our program, and help you determine what is the best Mad Dawg program for you.

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Step 2 – Personal Training: Fundamentals or Standard?
Most athletes who want to attend group Strength & Conditioning classes will first attend three sessions, one hour each, of Fundamentals’ Personal Training. Some athletes may choose Personal Training because they are eager for 1:1 work, or because they have health or orthopedic issues that require a more intensive orientation. 

Fundamentals’ Personal Training
Fundamentals’ Personal Training is the prerequisite for the generally active, injury-free individual* who wants ultimately to train in our group Strength & Conditioning classes. Instruction is focused on the squat, deadlift and press in both a strength and a conditioning context. After completing three Fundamentals’ Personal Training sessions, most will be able to perform the exercises required to enter our group Strength & Conditioning classes as a level 2 athlete. On occasion, we recommend additional Fundamentals’ Personal Training sessions if a participant needs to become more comfortable with the movements and/or isn’t ready for the pace of Strength & Conditioning classes.

Schedule: At your Get Started Session (see above), you’ll schedule your Fundamentals Personal Training sessions with your coach.