Nutrition Challenge 2013

MDSoF intentions for the 2013 Nutrition Challenge: All MDSoF athletes participate at the appropriate level for each athlete. All participants understand and practice “eating is training.” All participants understand health comes from practicing healthy habits and living a healthy lifestyle year after year. Rules for both Rx and scaled: Saul […]

Two New Classes 5

We are doing an experiment this January. We believe that appropriate mobility is a major contributing factor to performance. As you know, we already have a mobility class on Thursday at 7 PM, but we are going to add a class on Monday at 7 PM to see if we […]

Recipe Swap 12

There has been a lot of good food going around at parties and trips, so we have a bunch of recipes that need to be swapped. Here are the requests: Sarah: Paleo Banana bread you brought to the last F2H2. Gwyn: Mashed squash at last F2H2. Praveen: Tandori Chicken you […]