Ashish Gets Published! 3

One of our former noon class members, Ashish, just published a book on barefoot running! It is called, Run Barefoot Run Healthy: Less Pain More Gain For Runners Over 30 on Amazon, or possibly, at your local book dealer. We will have a copy in a week or two at […]

PDA: Shawn L 6

Shawn L Album Shawn started training at MDF about 15 months ago and has made so many awesome changes, but, by far, where he has progressed the most is getting his back to straighten up, good old core tightness. He is regularly back squats body weight and his pull-ups are […]

PDA: Tony O! 3

We are starting a weekly feature called Public Display of Affection (PDA – The name will grow on you… I hope :-)). The first recipient of MDF PDA is Tony O. Tony works at Cira Chiropractic and, after a while, Cathy convinced him to check out MDF. I think that […]